One timing system for multiple applications

Whether ski training in winter or sprint training in summer, a wide range of applications can be covered with the universal measuring unit CHRONOS. The measurement of the various applications differ only by the different evaluation modules in the Lympik web app or by sensors.

Time and speed measurement
Classic Timing re-dimensioned.
Real time results
Results available on mobile phone or tablet.
Various applications
Different modules & sensors for many sports.

Manuel Gamper

World Cup Team Ladies Sweden

AMSI Partner

Association of Italian Ski Instructors

Michael Stocker

Coach Israel Ski Team

Östersund Frösö Slalomklubb



The applications listed can be implemented with one and the same hardware. These applications differ by different evaluations and displays in the Lympik web app.

Timing Alpine Skiing

Digitalisation meets skiing! Live results accurate to thousandths of a second immediately on your mobile phone. Timing and speed measurement including personalised results.

Ski testing

Management of ski and wax information in combination with snow, temperature and weather data. The analysis of the best wax/ski combination is immediately available.

Timing Athletics

Personalized timing for the sport of athletics. With Lympik you get the unprecedented opportunity to receive your training performance personalized and in real time on your smartphone.

Timing for ski schools

Easily and quickly handle competitions. Starting from registration, start list, measurement and live results everything is possible.

Personalized training documentation

The athlete can identify himself at the start by means of an NFC tag. This tag is uniquely linked to the athlete's profile in the Lympik web app. As soon as the athlete crosses the finish line, his personalized result is available in this app.


Share real-time results

Results can be followed live on mobile devices at any time. Easily share live results via Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram or by link.