Never again with note and pen on the slopes!

Results and evaluations of your athletes live on your smartphone. Whether you're on the slopes, on the lift or in the hotel, you'll never miss a result again thanks to the 4G modems in our timing devices.

Send results via radio? With Lympik , live times can be sent via link, Whatsapp or QR code to other coaches, athletes or staff on the slopes.

Identification of the athletes

At the start of the course, the athlete identifies him/herself to the timing device using an NFC chip. Each chip is uniquely linked to an athlete. As soon as the athlete crosses the finish line, his personalized result is available in the Lympik web app.
Lift tickets can also be used for identification.

Easy operation

With only 4 buttons, our Timing is extremely easy to use and optimized for training operations: setup for setting the sensors, OK for arming the Timing and X for deleting an identification, that's it!

Intuitive setup thanks to specially developed height-adjustable launch post as well as the brush bar for the light gate.

Analysis directly on the slope

The Lympik web app evaluates all times in real time and delivers your desired analyses directly to your smartphone, tablet or PC. With the arrow keys you can easily navigate through the different analyses. These include e.g. chronological view, grouped by athlete, grouped by run or the ranking list. The different analyses are automatically updated with new data.

Configuration in the app

With just a few clicks, you can conveniently configure Timing in the web app. This can be done directly on the slope or already the evening before in the accommodation. Each of our timing devices Chronos can be used universally as start, split time or finish.

Thanks to the adjustable reference time or through the reference run, false triggering is a thing of the past.

Train even better now!

TimingMotion tracking and video analysis combined in one app. Analyze now like the World Cup teams in seconds!

Motion Tracking

Speed & line analysis made easy! Now analyse in detail where your athletes gain or lose time. With the highly accurate OCULUS GPS tracker.

Video analysis

Video analysis synchronised with the Timing and GPS data in the web browser! Join us in ushering in the new age of training analysis.

One set - everything included!

Contents of the Ski-Alpine set

  • 2 x CHRONOS (start, finish)
  • 1 x light barrier (finish)
  • 1 x reflector (finish)
  • 2 x snow pole
  • 1 x start barrier
  • 1 x starting rod
  • 1 x Height adjustable start post
  • 1 x charger 2 connectors
  • 15 x NFC wristband
  • 1 x Backpack
  • 1 x instruction manual


The heart of our timing system. Can be used as a start, split time or finish. Existing light barriers and start devices can be connected via an adapter cable.

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Light barriers

Reflection light barrier with a range of 18m. The industrial light barrier is characterized by an extremely high reliability. The mounting is done by a thread on the snow pole or a tripod, the power supply is done by the CHRONOS.

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Start barrier

Robust start barrier including height-adjustable mounting on the start post. The start pole can be unscrewed, the power supply is provided by the CHRONOS.

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Extension split time

With the Lympik technology it is possible to add any number of split times to the track. All you need is another CHRONOS, an additional light barrier with reflector and 2 snow poles.

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What else our app can do...

Automated documentation

During each training session, the altitude difference is automatically calculated and weather data is recorded. In addition, the discipline and the number of goals can be saved for each training session

Track your equipment

Find the fastest ski directly in the Lympik web app!
Through a text field or by scanning a QR code, additional information can be added to each measured time.

All important information such as ski length, base, wax etc. can be stored in a QR code, this is then simply read on the slopes with the smartphone. All this data is added at runtime and can then be evaluated.

With the help of sector times, each run can be compared and analyzed in seconds. This enables immediate feedback from the trainer.
All data can be exported to Excel. This allows further evaluations to be individually designed.

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