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With the Lympik system you reduce the effort of a final race to a minimum.

Final race made easy!

Everything you need for a successful competition or final race combined in one system: 

  • Simple & quick assembly
  • Connection to ski school software
  • Import / export of results and start lists
  • Creation of groups and start lists
  • Flexible identification of the runner by bib number, name, lift card as well as NFC chip
  • No time fair experts necessary

Simple & quick assembly

The Lympik timing system is set up in just a few moments. Anchor the snow poles and the height-adjustable start peg in the snow, set the light barriers and plug in the Chronos devices. After switching on the Chronos devices, the work on the slope is done.

Simple configuration & management in the web app

The configuration of the competition is done via a web app in 30 seconds to a few minutes. Simply configure the Chronos at the start as the start and the Chronos at the finish as the finish. In addition, any number of intermediate times can be added. If required, a reference time can be set so that false triggerings are automatically ignored. Thanks to the integrated modem in CHRONOS , the results are transmitted in real time and displayed in the web app on any number of end devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop).

Administration of start and result lists

The start list can either be created by yourself in our web app or imported through a CSV file. The participants can be divided into (age) groups or subgroups. There is then a separate evaluation for each category. The results can be exported and further processed in other systems (e.g. for printing certificates, analyses, documentation). We also offer integration into existing ski school software via API interfaces. The import/export then works completely automatically.

Easy handling at the start

Our system offers a wide range of possibilities to identify the runners at the start. If NFC chips are used, the participants identify themselves at the start (chip is held up to the device). The runners are assigned to the chips in advance via the software. The chips can always be deleted and overwritten. The same is possible with lift tickets or customer cards. But it also works without chips: the start supervisor enters which start number, which runner is starting via mobile phone/tablet.

Automated evaluations

As soon as the runner reaches the finish line, the result is immediately visible (on a mobile phone, tablet, screen or scoreboard). The whole thing works via mobile phone, so no WLAN is needed. The web app offers a variety of evaluation options. For example, sorting by rank, including comparison with the best time. An evaluation according to the best run or the combination of two runs is also possible. Disqualified athletes are automatically recognised by reference time. Disqualified athletes can be marked in the chronological view.
Set-up and configuration
of the course
Final race ski school
Professional competition

One set - everything included!

Contents of the Ski-Alpine set

  • 2 x CHRONOS (start, finish)
  • 1 x light barrier (finish)
  • 1 x reflector (finish)
  • 2 x snow pole
  • 1 x start barrier
  • 1 x starting rod
  • 1 x Height adjustable start post
  • 1 x charger 2 connectors
  • 15 x NFC wristband
  • 1 x Backpack
  • 1 x instruction manual


The heart of our timing system. Can be used as a start, split time or finish. Existing light barriers and start devices can be connected via an adapter cable.

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Light barriers

Reflection light barrier with a range of 18m. The industrial light barrier is characterized by an extremely high reliability. The mounting is done by a thread on the snow pole or a tripod, the power supply is done by the CHRONOS.

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Start barrier

Robust start barrier including height-adjustable mounting on the start post. The start pole can be unscrewed, the power supply is provided by the CHRONOS.

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Extension split time

With the Lympik technology it is possible to add any number of split times to the track. All you need is another CHRONOS, an additional light barrier with reflector and 2 snow poles.

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