Video analysis simple and straightforward

Tedious, manual cutting and sorting of videos is a thing of the past! Simply select all the videos of your training and the app does the rest. Based on the personalised times of our timing system, the videos are cut, assigned to the respective athlete and striking points such as split times are marked.

Automatic athlete assignment
No tedious searching of file names
Precise time synchronization
Video data is synchronized automatically
State-of-the-art browser app
Usable on smartphones, tablets and PC

Time information for each image

With our brand new product IRIS, it is now possible to add a precise timestamp to every single frame of your video recording. Once the videos have been transferred to your device, simply call up our WebApp. It decodes the time information and synchronizes the videos to the data of our timing system. IRIS can be mounted on any standard DSLR or film camera using either a 1/4 inch screw or a cold shoe adapter. This high precision time stamp is stored as audio to the video via the microphone input of your camera.


Analyze how World Cup teams

The seamless integration of our timing system CHRONOS and our GPS tracker OCULUS into the video analysis app provides you with World Cup level analysis in seconds. For each frame of your video, the run time as well as the position and speed of the athlete is known.

By individually fast-forwarding one of the two videos, the app automatically calculates the time difference between the two videos. Thus, the time gain/loss of a section can be calculated in seconds. By adding the GPS data, lines as well as speed differences can be analyzed even more precisely.

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