Ski testing

Tedious manual noting of times is a thing of the past with the Lympik system.

Easy configuration

Each CHRONOS can be used universally as a start and split time or finish. A course can be compiled in advance with just a few mouse clicks, or directly on the slope with a mobile phone or tablet. If required, a reference time can be set, so that false triggers are automatically ignored. On site, the devices simply need to be attached and switched on.


Our web app provides an intelligent management of the equipment. For example, any number of skis or boots can be stored in our system and organized into fleets. Relevant data such as condition, length, production date and wax can be assigned to each individual piece of equipment. By means of an NFC sticker, the equipment is uniquely identified during each test run. Mixing up is therefore impossible. In addition to the times, all this relevant information is immediately available for evaluation.

Test & Documentation

After completion of the test, a complete evaluation of the data is available. You can choose between different display options. For example, a grouping of the times by equipment including calculation of the mean value and percentage deviation is possible as well as a global ranking list of the tested equipment. There is also the possibility to carry out zero tests of the equipment without wax, grinding etc., these are displayed in blue.

One set - everything included!

Contents of the Equipment Test Set

  • 2 x CHRONOS (start, finish)
  • 2 x light gate (start, finish)
  • 2 x reflector (start, finish)
  • 4 x snow pole
  • 1 x charger 2 connectors
  • 50 x NFC adhesive tags of your choice
  • 1 x Backpack
  • 1 x instruction manual


The heart of our timing system. Can be used as a start, split time or finish. Existing light barriers and start devices can be connected via an adapter cable.

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Light barriers

Reflection light barrier with a range of 18m. The industrial light barrier is characterized by an extremely high reliability. The mounting is done by a thread on the snow pole or a tripod, the power supply is done by the CHRONOS.

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NFC tags

Depending on the area of application, we offer NFC adhesive tags in different sizes.

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Extension split time

With the Lympik technology it is possible to add any number of split times to the track. All you need is another CHRONOS, an additional light barrier with reflector and 2 snow poles.

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