The high-precision timing device CHRONOS is a proprietary development of Lympik. It transmits the time information as well as the athlete's identification in real time to our cloud system.

Dimensions: 12.2cm x 8.4cm
Weight: 420g
Battery life: 24 hours operation at -20°C
Weather resistant: -20°C to 40°C with IP67 (waterproof with caps closed)


The data exchange between the Lympik web app and the CHRONOS devices takes place via the mobile network and the built-in 2G/3G/LTE modem. The SIM card is open for all networks, so the modem always dials into the network with the best signal reception. There are two CHRONOS versions available, a European version and a version for North America, South America and New Zealand. These differ in the built-in modem.


By means of the NFC tag or the ski pass, the athlete can identify himself at CHRONOS. The time pulse generated at the start is thus uniquely assigned to a profile in the web app. An athlete can assign several identifications to his profile. The NFC tags are available in various form factors for different applications.

Connectors & Sensors

The CHRONOS has two equivalent 7-pin connectors, for the connection of external sensors as well as the charger. The CHRONOS is compatible with a wide range of sensors with a closing contact, such as light barriers, start triggers and overrun sensors. Third-party sensors can also be used via an adapter cable. The CHRONOS can be operated with two sensors simultaneously and can be charged during operation.

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