Unleash your full potential

with OCULUS, the innovative GNSS tracker from Lympik


Measure - Analyse - Improve

with OCULUS the world's first 25HZ GPS tracker for alpine ski racers.

  • Detailed analysis of your performance directly on your smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Compare the speed & position data of several runs to get detailed information where time was lost or gained.
  • Easy assembly in the supplied shirt

High precision positioning

Dank der neuesten Generation an multi-constellation GNSS-Modulen sind wir in der Lage eine Positionsgenauigkeit von <0.6m bei 25Hz Abtastrate zu erreichen.

Results during training

Thanks to the integrated WiFi module, the movement data is available in our cloud within seconds and ready for analysis.

Highly accurate speed data

Thanks to state-of-the-art ceramic antennas, speed data can be recorded with unprecedented precision.

Switch on and forget!

The OCULUS tracker is switched on by simply pressing a button. As soon as a GNSS signal is received, it starts recording. The maximum recording time and battery life is 8 hours. After completing the training, the recording can be stopped by pressing a button. The OCULUS then searches for an available WiFi network and synchronises the data.

Complete analysis

With the OCULUS Tracker you are no longer limited to individual split times. You can now compare several runs continuously over the entire running time. Due to the automatic synchronisation with our timing system, we can guarantee an accuracy in the hundredths range! Our cloud system automatically recognises which movement data belongs to which run time and assigns this to the correct athlete.

Compact and intuitive

To pack this elaborate technology into the smallest possible form factor, the OCULUS was developed completely without a plug. Data synchronisation takes place via WiFi, and the battery is charged wirelessly via the Qi charging pad supplied.

Take a close look at key points

With our innovative cloud software, it's easier than ever to take a close look at striking parts of a run. Simply select the desired runs and compare them. Thanks to the high-precision speed measurement, glide tests can also be carried out quickly and easily.

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