OCULUS: Precise Motion Tracking for Skiing

Discover the OCULUS GPS tracker for alpine skiing

Measure - Analyse - Improve

With the OCULUS GPS Tracker, motion tracking reaches a new dimension with unprecedented precision in position and speed data. The world's first 25Hz GPS tracker takes your alpine ski training to the next level.

Analyze now like the World Cup teams! With our OCULUS, you are no longer limited to times when it comes to analysis, you can now precisely analyze every swing of your workout.

In combination with the CHRONOS Thanks to the timing system and video analysis, the automatic synchronization of all data saves an enormous amount of time in training evaluation. The collected data from both systems can be integrated into your video analysis in a matter of seconds.

From now on, train like the ÖSV ski stars and get high-precision training data at the touch of a button - that's innovation made in Austria.

High-precision position and speed data

Time saving for data evaluation

Intuitive handling

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High-precision positioning and speed measurement

Der OCULUS GPS Tracker liefert mit 10 Messpunkten pro Sekunde exakte Daten zu jedem einzelnen Punkt der Strecke. OCULUS erreicht eine Positionsgenauigkeit von <0.6m bei 10Hz Abtastrate. Modernste Keramikantennen ermöglichen eine nie dagewesene Präzision bei der Aufzeichnung von Geschwindigkeits- und Positionierungsdaten. Um die kontinuierliche Aufzeichnung so präzise zu gewährleisten nutzt OCULUS alle GNSS Systeme übergreifend (GPS, Galileo, Glonass, Baidu).

Analysis directly on your smartphone, tablet or PC

 Make your training even more efficient! Thanks to the integrated WiFi module, the movement data is available in our innovative web app within a few seconds after synchronization. The app automatically assigns the runs to the runners. Prominent key points and stored information can still be analysed on the slopes.

Fully automated synchronization with the Timing & Video Analysis

OCULUS functions as a stand-alone device. The possible combination with our time measurement system CHRONOS and our video analysis offers even more precise analyses. The WebApp automatically combines the information obtained from all systems in a matter of seconds. Data no longer needs to be manually compiled and evaluated from separate systems. Accuracy in the hundredths range and time savings of several hours in data evaluation are guaranteed. To get the best out of your personal alpine ski training, please contact us and we will advise you free of charge about your options.

Timing Alpine Skiing

Digitalisation meets skiing! Live results accurate to thousandths of a second immediately on your mobile phone. Timing and speed measurement including personalised results.

Video analysis

Video analysis synchronised with the Timing and GPS data in the web browser! Join us in ushering in the new age of training analysis.

Compact design

 OCULUS offers a uniquely simple and compact design in the smallest possible format. We have developed our own housing that perfectly accommodates the USB plug, button and antenna and packs the tracker into the smallest possible form factor. Convince yourself of the intuitive handling at one of our international partner shops or click on our contact form.

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Optimize your training through detailed data analysis

OCULUS compares several runs of a runner directly with each other over the entire course. The analysis of a run is no longer limited to split times, but can be carried out precisely over the entire run. Every turn is documented in a comprehensible manner and provides information on exactly where time was gained or lost.

Perfectly suited for material tests and performance comparisons

If new material or different skis are tried out during training, this is stored in our web app. This means that glide tests are also clearly illustrated and can be compared in detail - all at the touch of a button.

Easy to use and fast results

 At the touch of a button, each racer starts the OCULUS Tracker, which is then inserted into the supplied top. OCULUS tracks the entire training session and collects data. Another press of the button ends the recording and synchronization with the web app starts automatically. Once the tracker has found a WiFi network, the data can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet or PC in just a few seconds. The analysis can begin on the slopes.

Invest now in your sporting success with OCULUS

The ÖSV ski team has been using analysis systems like this one for a long time. OCULUS now makes professional-level training evaluation accessible to every ambitious alpine skier. By synchronizing with our timing and video analysis system, we offer World Cup-like analyses with just a few clicks of the mouse. More motivation through more effective training Thanks to high-precision motion tracking, this is guaranteed. Personal customer contact is very important to us. If you have any questions, please click on our contact form. If necessary, we will support you on site on the slopes with your training optimization.

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  • 1. Question: What is the OCULUS GPS tracker and how can it be used in ski racing?
    OCULUS records high-precision position and speed data from multiple ski races. This makes it possible to compare and analyze every single point of the route.
  • 2. Frage: Wie genau ist die Positionierung und Geschwindigkeitsmessung des OCULUS Trackers?
    OCULUS erreicht eine Positionsgenauigkeit von <0.6m bei 25Hz Abtastrate.
  • 3. Question: How is the data transferred from the OCULUS tracker to my smartphone, tablet or PC?
    With a single push of a button, the device starts data synchronization with an existing WiFi network and can be read out in the WebApp within a few seconds.
  • 4. Question: How easy is the OCULUS tracker to use?
    The handling of OCULUS is very intuitive and simple. There is a single on/off button.
  • 5. Question: How long does the OCULUS tracker battery last?
    The tracker's battery lasts for eight hours.
  • 6. Question: Can the OCULUS tracker be used for other sports?
    Currently, OCULUS can only be used for alpine skiing and snowboarding. In the near future, the tracker can also be used in sports such as cross-country skiing or motocross.
  • 7. Question: What are the advantages of the OCULUS Tracker compared to conventional timing systems?
    With the OCULUS Motion Tracker, your training analysis is no longer limited to an end time and potentially a few split times. Thanks to OCULUS, you can now analyze every single swing with up to 25 measurement points per second.  Thanks to the synchronization in the web app, several runs can be compared with each other. In combination with our CHRONOS timing system, there is an enormous time saving in the training analysis.
  • 8. Question: How can the OCULUS Tracker be used in material testing?
    In the web app, you can store which material or which ski was used for which run. This means that sliding tests can also be carried out clearly and easily.
  • 9. Question: How is the OCULUS Tracker attached to the athlete?
    The compact tracker is tucked into the included shirt and does not restrict alpine ski training in any way.
  • 10. Question: How does the analysis of training data work with the OCULUS Web App?
    Every athlete wears a tracker. In the web app, all completed runs are assigned to the runners and can be precisely compared with each other at each point along the route. If OCULUS is used in combination with our timing system or video analysis, automatic synchronization is also carried out with it.