The high-precision timing device CHRONOS is a proprietary development of Lympik. This transmits the time information as well as the identification of the athletes in real time to our cloud system.

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The ZELOS is a proprietary development of Lympik which was developed for permanent installations or for the digitalization of sports and leisure facilities.

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NFC reader

The external NFC reader was developed for applications where identification at CHRONOS / ZELOS is cumbersome or a large number of NFC tags must be read.

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METIS Adapter

The METIS adapter has been developed as an expansion module for easy connection of Alge D-Line displayboard to the Lympik system.

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Light barrier 18m

Industrial retro-reflective sensor with extremely high reliability and a range of 18m. 

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Light barrier 12m

Retro-reflective sensor with a guaranteed range of at least12m.

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Start barrier

Robust starting device including height-adjustable mounting on the starting post.

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Pressure plate

Waterproof, pressure-sensitive switching mat with high reliability. This can be used as a switch at the start as well as the finish.

Reflective light grid

Battery operated reflective light grid which is available in a height of 70cm to 180 cm and a width of up to 700 cm.

Overrun sensor

Waterproof overrun sensor with high reliability. This can be used as a switch at the start as well as finish. The maximum switching length is 50m.


NFC Wristband

NFC Wristband: Optimal for the identification of persons.

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NFC adhesive tag

NFC adhesive tag: Perfect for identifying equipment such as skis, ski boots, etc.

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Reflector for the light barrier 12m as well as light barrier 18m.

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Start bar

Fiberglass start rod with thread for easy mounting on the start barrier. Length = 55cm.

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Snow pole

Snow pole with ball head for easy adjustment of the light barrier. Length: 60cm.

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Start post

Robust starting post including adjusting wheel for stepless height adjustment of the starting device.

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Charging cable with 2 connectors for simultaneous charging of 2 CHRONOS. Optionally also available with one connector.

Sensor cable

Sensor cable light barrier in the lengths 0.3m, 5m, and 10m available.

Adapter cable

Adapter cable 7-pin CHRONOS plug to 4mm banana plug. This adapter allows the connection of external light barriers / starting devices with closing contact to the CHRONOS.


Lympik backpack for the safe transport of the timing system.