Structure & configuration

With the Lympik system you reduce the effort for Timing to a minimum.

Scope of delivery & transport

Everything you need to successfully complete a graduation race is supplied in a small compact backpack. This includes NFC wristbands, chargers, sensors, mounting materials and our Chronos devices. The backpack is large enough to store an extra split time.

Assembly start

The installation of the start is very simple. Anchor the height-adjustable start peg in the snow, insert the start sensor into the guide rail and fix it at the desired height. Then screw on the launch pole and connect the Chronos via the waterproof plug and switch on. That's it!

Assembly target

To mount the target, two snow poles must be anchored for the light gate and the reflector. As soon as the Chronos is connected to the light gate and switched on, it starts beeping. The ball head allows the light gate to be adjusted quickly and easily. After successful adjustment, the beep can no longer be heard and the setting up of the target is finished.

Simple configuration in the cloud

After the sensors have been correctly set and the Chronos switched on, you can start configuring the course in the web app. To do this, simply add the set-up Chronos devices in the app and put them in the correct order (start, split time, finish). The Chronos differ in colour and are provided with a unique serial number. To avoid false triggering, a reference time can be set.

Ready for Timing!

The Timing is now ready for use. As soon as the athlete starts, a running time is displayed in the web app. The transfer time from the Chronos devices to your end device is usually 0.5 seconds. The results can be displayed on any number of devices.

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