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With the Lympik system you reduce the effort for Timing to a minimum.

Administration of the participants

In addition to the manual identification of the participants, e.g. through the start number, there is the possibility to identify the participants automatically through NFC chips. The Lympik NFC reader can be connected to the PC via Bluetooth and allows a quick assignment of name / start number to an NFC chip. The participant is thus linked to the NFC chip in Our system. At the start, the participant has to hold out his NFC chip to Chronos and the following running time is assigned.

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Structure and configuration of the Timing

Create & import start lists

The start list can be created directly in our web app with just a few clicks or imported via a CSV file. The participants can be divided into different groups which are then evaluated separately. In the start list, a lot of different information about the respective participant can be stored. This includes start number, group number, name, age and NFC chip.

Manage races

Thanks to the live data from our Chronos devices and the simple display in the web app, you always have an overview of the race. Not only are all the running times already measured displayed, but also the next starting runner. This information is essential for a moderator, for example. By simply clicking on the running time, information can be stored such as DNF, DSQ or missed goal.

Create evaluations

The evaluations are also automatically available in the web app. Thanks to the unique identification, there is no need for tedious allocation of times, our web app already knows all the data. Simply specify the type of evaluation, e.g. best run, most even running time or combined running times, and the system delivers the result lists. The results can also be displayed live on a TV or scoreboard. The result list can also be imported into the ski school software via API or CSV file.

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