Further information


1: Signal strength and network operator, in case of missing internet connection this is marked by xxx (connection to the internet can take up to 5 minutes)

2: Indicator GPS fix, in case of missing GPS connection an X is displayed (successful GPS fix can take up to 5 minutes).

3: Battery charge status

4: Indicator power supply connected




My CHRONOS device does not find a network, although I have full cell phone reception (1. signal strength and network provider)

Move your device to a place with a clear view to the sky and wait there - the process can take up to 5 minutes until the signal is found. If your CHRONOS still has no reception (and your smartphone does), please contact Lympik support.

In case of poor reception, a network change is possible (see instructions for network change) ATTENTION: The manual network change is only possible for Global CHRONOS .


My CHRONOS has no GPS signal or evaluates wrong time

Your CHRONOS must receive a GPS signal regularly, as the devices do not synchronize with each other, but with the GPS time. Bring your device to a place with a clear view to the sky and wait there - the process can take up to 5 minutes until the signal is found. If you get wrong times, but the synchronization is done (2nd GPS icon present), please contact Lympik support.


My CHRONOS will not turn on

If the device does not turn on, plug your device into a charging cable (turn on by charging the device). If power on by charging does not work, it may be a deep discharge: plug in your CHRONOS and wait about 20-30 minutes (no charging screen will appear) then unplug and plug in your CHRONOS again.


My CHRONOS does not always trigger in the target, there are false triggers or DNF is increasingly displayed

If the light gate is not properly aimed at the reflector in the target, the CHRONOS device switches to "inspect mode". This mode lasts 20 seconds and is signaled with a beep after the time has elapsed. No triggering is possible during this time, as triggering requires a correct light barrier setting.

Please ensure that you attach the light barriers and reflectors in such a way that they cannot be moved by the wind. "Phantom triggering" can also occur if the wind briefly moves the light gate or reflector. DNF can also be displayed, as the time continues to run and exceeds the reference time if there is no triggering.

My CHRONOS does not trigger

If your CHRONOS device does not trigger, please check the sensors: switch to setup mode (with the button on the bottom left) and trigger a sensor e.g. with the start bar. If your Chronos device does not beep, try the second socket. Then try it with another sensor, e.g. light barriers, and test both sockets at CHRONOS as well.




My times are not displayed in my activity (despite triggering)

Please check the start time of your activity, if start date and time are entered after the first Timing , the results will be shown in the previous event (results of events cannot be moved!).


The devices trigger, but it says DNF everywhere/multiple times

Is the target device offline? All times are nevertheless saved and the data can be uploaded subsequently.

Is the reference time wrong? If the reference run has not been checked, it can happen that all results are set to DNF, e.g. if someone passed through the finish unnoticed when the reference run was performed.

Is the device not synchronized (GPS)? The CHRONOS devices are in permanent synchronization with the GPS time. If no GPS signal has been received for a long time, this can falsify times and thus cause DNF.

Is the device in an area with poor reception? Reception delays in connection with a reference run can cause the marking with DNF, as the information is loaded too late into the app and thus exceeds the reference run.