Recalculate results and change times

It is possible to recalculate incorrect times manually. To do this, click on the highlighted symbol in the desired result line:

The following window opens:

You now have two options for recalculating a time:

The first option is automatic recalculation. Here, all times and split times are recalculated based on your device configuration, click on the Recalculate button. For the automatic recalculation to work, the devices must be configured correctly. The reference time is also taken into account if one has been specified. If this does not lead to the desired result, you can also calculate the results manually. To do this, click on the pencil next to the time and the following window will open:

Here you can now manually select the timestamp and the time will be recalculated based on the selected timestamp.

It is also possible to mark times with DSQ or DNF, or intervene in the times (change times, add penalty times). To do this, click on the following symbol in the results overview:

You can now mark the run with DSQ or DNF. By clicking on the time, you can overwrite it. The time will be recalculated immediately and you will see the result straight away:

You can then multiply times by a factor or add them to the seconds entered (e.g. to add penalty times). You can also delete the time in this window.