Technical information

Technical specifications:

Battery life: 8 hours (-20°C)

File size: Approx. 1MB / hour

Storage space: 12MB

Charging time: Approx. 3 hours (0-100%)

Status information

Status: Waiting for GPS

The unit is in this status after it is switched on.

Status: Record

As soon as a GPS signal is found, the OCULUS starts recording. The recording can be stopped by pressing a button; the OCULUS then begins to flash slowly in blue again. The recording can be restarted by pressing a button.

Status: Synchronise

For uploading, the recording must be interrupted (see previous point). As soon as a suitable WiFi has been found, the OCULUS starts uploading.

Status: Charge battery

To charge the battery, the unit must be switched on and placed on the charging pad provided.

Status: Battery full

The OCLULS switches off automatically when charging is complete.

Status: Battery empty

The OCULUS switches off, please charge the device.

Status: Configure WiFi

This status is explained in lesson 1.

Status: Software update

This status is explained in lesson 1.

Status: Error

The OCLUS is in error state, please contact dealer.