Operation of the device and important notes

Switch on and off

To turn OCULUS on, press the button on the device once. To turn the device off, press twice quickly and hold the second time (1-2 seconds) until OCULUS starts blinking white. You can now release the button.

OCULUS recharge

Immediately after switching on, the battery charge level is displayed - if your OCULUS briefly lights up green, the charge is over 50 %, but if your OCULUS lights up yellow, the charge is over 30 % and should be charged again for the next training session.

To charge OCULUS, plug it in with the included micro USB charging cable. As soon as the battery is charged, the LED starts to flash quickly in the color yellow. A fully charged battery is indicated by solid yellow light.


It is recommended that you update your OCULUS device every few weeks. To perform the update, press and hold the power button on your OCULUS device until it flashes yellow and then blue. You can then release the button. The OCULUS will now search for one of the configured Wi-Fis (see lesson "Setting up Wi-Fi") and download the update. When the update is complete, your OCULUS will briefly light up green.