Set up Wifi

To view the recordings of your OCULUS device in the web app, your device requires an Internet connection. The connection to the Internet is established via your smartphone. To do this, press and hold the power button again immediately after switching on the OCULUS (press the button on the device once) until the LED lights up orange/yellow. After that, a WiFi with the serial number will appear in the WiFi settings of your smartphone. Click on the serial number of the OCULUS device to be configured.

After clicking on the serial number of your OCULUS, a window appears in which you can specify two WiFi (only one entry is required). Now you only need to enter and confirm the WiFi name and password. You can also use the hotspot of your cell phone to connect to the internet.
This step only needs to be done once per OCULUS if you always use the same WiFi. If you want to use a different WiFi, repeat this step.

The device will reboot and is ready to sync your recordings.

Note: The default setting on some smartphones is that the Wi-Fi should switch off automatically after a certain time if no devices are connected. Your Oculus tracker only needs an internet connection to transfer data or for updates - during recording, Oculus is not connected to the wifi, which could cause the wifi on your smartphone to switch off.