Iris Videos Upload

To start the video analysis, navigate to the relevant activity in the app and click on "Video data":

To upload your videos to the app, first click on "Compare now" - here you can now drag and drop them into the window. Alternatively, you can click on "Select file" and search for the videos on your PC.

After the files have been uploaded, the status will show you whether the upload was successful:

The green arrow means that the upload was successful.

The blue question mark means that no run can be assigned to the video (no triggering of Timing).

The red X means that the file could not be uploaded because Iris was not properly connected to the camera (Iris must be connected via the microphone input and not via the headphone output). This can be checked by playing the video: If the normal audio track to the video is present, then Iris was not connected properly.

Then press "Start analysis"