Analyse data

Once you have successfully uploaded your videos, the analysis can begin:

You will be shown a video player with a drop-down menu above it where you can select the video you want to analyze.

You can display up to 12 videos simultaneously under "Add player" to analyze them! Before you add another player, a video must be selected for the player that is already open.

To operate the player, there are various key combinations in addition to the buttons below the video:

Space bar = Play / Pause

Arrow key left/right = fast-forward or rewind picture by picture

Arrow key up/down = change the playback speed in 10% steps

Shift + left/right arrow key = -/+ rewind one second (only works when pause is pressed)

Tab button = change camera (only possible if a section has been captured by several cameras - more on this under Multicam functionality)

In addition to the conventional operating buttons (play/pause in the middle, fast forward/rewind, switch to the end/beginning of the video), there are 4 more buttons:

  1. The lock links all players or videos that are displayed. The player in which this button is pressed is the "master video" in which the player can still be operated.
  2. The tempo display is used to play the video at different speeds
  3. Settings such as playback volume and zoom can be edited on the cogwheel
  4. The last symbol is used to set the full screen mode