Invite participants to an event

You can invite people to your activity and set their permissions. This is explained below.

Navigate to the activity you want to invite to and click on "Access"

You will now be taken to a page where you can send invitations and edit the authorization for the invited person.

Note: Only people who already have a profile in the Lympik web app can be invited here.

Enter the e-mail address used for registration. Confirm with "Invite".

The participant has now been added. Below you can specify whether this participant is a guest or a host:

The invited participant receives a request in the overview of their activities - they can confirm or decline it there. The invitation can also be withdrawn by clicking on the red X next to the added participant (whether guest or host).

Authorization Guest

The guest has a public view - he sees all the results, can also share them, but has no authorization to make changes.

He can display all results in the chronological view or in the ranking mode selected by the creator of the event or host.

Authorization Host

The host can change all settings under "Edit information" (all changed and saved data is also changed for the creator of the event)

He can download the results as an Excel file.

He can use the timing cockpit. (Information about time stamps)

He can manage the categories (delete, add, make changes)

He can process the registrations:

- Add

- Delete

- Assign chip (if not already done)

- Edit all information (start number, name, country code, category)

- Share event

- Attention: he can also add a participant and assign host authorizations


No authorization for route configuration. He cannot specify which device is at the start and which is at the finish, he cannot set a reference time.