Putting devices into operation

After switching on the device by pressing the power button, your CHRONOS is in setup mode (setup trigger is shown on the display). This is suitable for the correct setting of the CHRONOS devices with the light barriers and the start bar.

In setup mode, plug the light barrier into one of the two ports on your CHRONOS . If the light barrier is not set correctly, your CHRONOS will emit a continuous acoustic signal. After correct adjustment (as soon as the light barrier is directed to the reflector) the acoustic signal stops and you can exit the setup mode with the green button.

The setup mode can also be used to test the start bar. To do this, plug the start bar into one of the two ports on your CHRONOS . When the bar is triggered, an acoustic signal is emitted as long as the bar is triggered. After successful testing of the start bar, simply switch back to the mode of Timing by pressing the green button. Once you have set up your devices, you can check the app in the track configuration to see if they are ready for the Timing .