Create race

To create a race, please click on Activities and then on "Create new activity". There you can enter a name and select the "Competition" module. Select a date and time and then click on "Create".

Important: The evaluation only works if the start date and time have been selected correctly. Time measurements before the entered start date and time are ignored.

Now you can select the order mode you want for the display of the results. You can change this later under "Edit information" in the overview. You can find more information on the ranking modes at Timing, monitoring and evaluation.

To use Timing , you must configure a route. You can now define which device will be used at the start and which at the finish. To do this, please click on "Add device". All the devices you own will be displayed. The CHRONOS devices are identified by the serial number on the back and by their color. If you want to insert an intermediate time, simply add a third device.

Note: To the right of the added devices you can change their positioning (start/intermediate/finish) with the up or down arrows if the CHRONOS devices are not shown in the correct order.

To the left of the serial number of the added devices, you can see which operating state they are currently in by means of the status circles. Thus, the functionality can be checked at any time:

Green: Your device is online and ready for measurements
Blue: Your device is in "Setup" mode.
Gray: Your device is not connected to the app.
Red: Your device has detected a possible error. This can be, for example, a light barrier that has been moved.

Example: If the light barrier at the target loses contact with the reflector, the status symbol will change to red after approx. 15 seconds and your CHRONOS at the target will emit a beeping acoustic signal. When the light barrier is properly adjusted again, the status symbol will show green again and the device will stop beeping.

You can now configure a reference time if required. Click on the plus sign between your CHRONOS devices.

Here you can use the slider to set the start and end of your reference time. Now confirm by clicking on "Set". All releases in the target that are not within the reference time will now be ignored. This is helpful to avoid false releases and thus falsified results (e.g. if someone drives through the light barrier shortly after an athlete has started). If the reference time is exceeded, i.e. the athlete does not finish in time, the time is set to "Did not finish". The reference time thus enables an automated evaluation without the coach having to intervene. The reference time is displayed in the overview of the course configuration between the respective devices. It is also possible to use the reference time in conjunction with split times (reference time for individual sections of the course). Afterwards, please click on "Save".