Manage categories and registrations

You are now in the overview of your activity. Click on "Categories" in the overview - a new page will open where you can create categories, import them from a previous activity or from a file.

Manage categories

Create category

Click on "+ Add" and enter a name for the desired category. This category is now saved by clicking on "Create".

Import categories from file

Click on the "Import from file" icon and then on "Select file" - please note that the import only works with a .csv file (this can be exported from an Excel document). Select the desired .csv file - a preview of the document will be displayed immediately. If the file contains a heading that should not be added, this can be omitted by clicking on "Ignore the first line". Then click on "Import" - all categories have now been added from the file.

Import category from previous activity

Click on the "Import from activity" icon. All activities with the "Competition" module and the number of existing categories will be displayed. Click on the desired activity from which you want to import the categories.


By clicking on the box to the left of the category, you can select it and delete it if necessary. Now click on "back" and you are back in the overview of your activity.

If you add your participant registrations via .csv import in the next step, you can skip the "Add categories" step. The categories can be easily added with the registrations.

Manage registrations

Add registrations

Please click on "Registration" in the overview of your event and then on "Add".

The start number, name, country code and one of the previously added categories can be assigned here. It is also possible to enter an identification using an NFC reader or a cell phone camera. Identification is optional, but offers great advantages.

Import registrations

Importing from a .csv file is also possible here, please click on "Import from file". In the next step, you can assign the headings from your .csv file to the corresponding fields. You can check the imported data in the preview below - there are also notes on which lines contain incorrect information or where information is missing. If the .csv file contains information that has not been predefined in the app - e.g. a category, this category can easily be added at this point.

Click on "Import" to import all the data.

Edit registrations

In the overview of registrations, you can edit the information by clicking on a participant (e.g. to enter an identification after an import). There is also a search field where you can search by start number, name, category or identification.