Create profile and identify athletes

The first step in using the Lympik system is to create a profile. To do so, navigate to our webapp You can also scan the QR code on the back of the Lympik NFC chip with your phone camera - you will be automatically connected to our web app.

Registration is done with your email address and a password - it is also possible to log in quickly using Facebook or Google. If the account is to be used by different trainers in the future, please make sure to choose access data that you can pass on. Then contact your dealer - they will link your purchased equipment to your profile.

The race module is compatible with the Lympik NFC chips. As soon as a participant registers at the start of the race with their NFC wristband, they are shown as the next starter in the app. Identification is optional, but offers great advantages.

In order for participants to be able to use NFC chips during the race, they must first create a free profile in our web and add their identification. How exactly this works is explained here - it is best to provide your participants with this link.