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Ski administration


To get started, you first need a profile in our webapp You can add the ski testing module under "My profile" after it has been activated by your dealer. To do this, please click on Add modules and select the relevant module.

You can manage all your skis in your profile and divide them into different fleets. Each ski can be assigned a chip, which can be used at the start to assign the time to the ski. Also a wax can be stored to compare waxes.

Manage fleets

Navigate to the menu item "My profile" and select the module "Ski testing". In the "Ski" section you can now see your fleets.

Press "Create new fleet" to create a new fleet.

Now you can add skis to this fleet and also edit them.

Create/edit ski

You can store various information such as manufacturer, length, cut, production date, labeling and so on. In order to be able to use the system easily and quickly, each ski requires a chip sticker. You can select this under "Identifications" or scan the QR code using the camera symbol.

You can also select the current wax here.