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Equipment tracking


Here I explain how you can document specific equipment.

Sometimes you want to carry out smaller material or equipment tests. We have found a process that is flexible, efficient and scalable. It makes sense to use a mobile barcode printer for this.

In our example, we use the Brother PT-P710BT label printer, which is battery-powered and can be controlled via a mobile app. This allows equipment to be easily digitised in the warehouse or on-the-fly on the runway.

Brother PT-P710BT Label Printer

With the label printer, we can now equip all equipment parts that are to be recorded with a QR code. This saves us having to make entries or spelling mistakes on the slopes. Simply enter the label that is to be used for the respective equipment in the app of the printer.

Multiple QR codes can be used on different parts

Simple cards can also be used if certain pieces of equipment cannot be pasted.

The athlete now drives through the Timing and at the finish the equipment data is then added.

Now you can use the QR code scanner to quickly deposit the previously labelled equipment.

Tip: You can scan multiple QR codes by pressing the QR code scanner button again after the first successful scan. Each scan is separated by a hyphen.