Status information & loading


Status: Waiting for GPS

The unit is in this status after it is switched on.

Status: Record

As soon as a GPS signal is found, the OCULUS starts recording. The recording can be stopped by pressing a button; the OCULUS then begins to flash slowly in blue again. The recording can be restarted by pressing a button.

Status: Synchronise

For uploading, the recording must be interrupted (see previous point). As soon as a suitable WiFi has been found, the OCULUS starts uploading.

Status: Charge battery

To charge the battery, the unit must be switched on and placed on the charging pad provided.

Status: Battery full

The OCLULS switches off automatically when charging is complete.

Status: Battery empty

The OCULUS switches off, please charge the device.

Status: Configure WiFi

This status is explained in lesson 1.

Status: Software update

This status is explained in lesson 1.

Status: Error

The OCLUS is in error state, please contact dealer.


To charge the OCULUS, switch it on and place it on the charging pad provided. As soon as the battery is charged, the LED starts flashing quickly in yellow. A fully charged battery is indicated by a slow yellow flash. After a full charge, the OCULUS switches itself off after some time. The use of a third-party charger is permitted, but it may lead to complications during charging.


Battery life: 8 hours (-20°C)

File size: Approx. 1MB / hour

Storage space: 12MB

Charging time: Approx. 3 hours (0-100%)