Error handling


I have no GPS signal

If there is no GPS signal, please move the device to a location with a clear view of the sky. Place the device as vertically as possible (antenna is located at the head of the device). Within the next 5 minutes the device should have a GPS fix.

I have no reception

If there is no mobile phone reception, please move the device to a place with a clear view of the sky and wait for about 5 minutes. If the device still has no reception, please check if your mobile phone has reception. If there is no reception, our device cannot be used in this area as our device is operated in the normal mobile network.

My device will not charge

If the unit does not start when plugged in, this may be due to deep discharge of the battery. To charge the unit, plug in the charger and wait 20-30 minutes (no charging screen will appear). Then unplug the charger and plug it back in. The unit should now start up and be in charge mode.

My device will not turn on

If the device does not turn on, please check whether the device can be turned on by plugging in the charger. If yes, charge the device. If not, try the troubleshooting described in the paragraph above.