First steps

If you have received your Lympik system, you should already have a profile in our app. If not, please create one( and contact your dealer.

Step 1 - Register athletes

Each athlete can independently create a free profile and use a supplied chip. To do this, simply scan the QR code on the back of the chip with your mobile phone camera and complete the registration or, if already registered, select "My Profile" > "Add Identifications". This will personalize all results.

Step 2 - Commissioning devices

Turn on your CHRONOS devices. Connect a sensor to the device. In the case of a light barrier, you must set it so that the acoustic signal is silenced. Then you can arm the device with the green button. You are ready to switch to the app.

Note: Both sockets can be used equally.

Step 3 - Create activity

All measurements are organized into activities. Create a new activity:
You can now enter a name and a start date. The app will now guide you to the device configuration. Here you have to specify which device should be used as start and destination. You will find the corresponding serial number on the back of the device.

Important: The measurement only works from the start date.

Step 4 - Measure

When the status icons of both devices are green, everything is ready for a measurement. You can now trigger the start and the time starts to run. When you trigger the finish, the time stops running. To assign a time to an athlete, he must read in his chip at the start device before the start.

Note: The devices synchronize automatically. However, they need a clear view of the sky to do this.

Step 5 - Share results

You can also share your results on social networks. This way everyone can be there live.


You have successfully got your system up and running. Have fun with Lympik 🎉