View results

To view your times, enter the WebApp and click on "Activities" in the menu. To open the menu on your cell phone, press the 3 dashes in the upper right corner.

There you will see all the activities you participated in when you used your personalized chip. To see your times, click on one of your activities. You will now see the times in chronological order. To change the evaluation mode (ranking, lap times, etc.), use the arrow keys.

You can now select the following evaluation modes in addition to the chronological evaluation:


Here the results of the activity are grouped by athlete - all his results are summarized and the difference time to the best of his results is displayed.


Here the results are summarized by laps - the fastest athlete is in first place and the difference times to the other athletes are displayed


In the upper area the best results of all athletes are displayed (with difference time to the best result). Further down all results are shown in a ranking list (also with difference time to the best result).

Please note that you can only see the results of other athletes if the coach has approved them for you.