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Register athletes

If you have received your Lympik system, you should already have a profile in our app. If not, please create one at app.lympik.com and contact your dealer who will assign your purchased devices to your profile.

In order for your athletes to receive personalized times, identification of each athlete is required. They have to do this themselves in our webapp app.lympik.com. They can also scan the QR code on the back of the Lympik NFC chip with their phone camera - they will be automatically connected to our web app.

The identification serves to ensure that the measured results are immediately assigned to the respective athlete. In addition, these times are automatically displayed in his own profile and all runs in which he has participated are automatically documented for him. Various evaluation modalities (e.g. by athlete) are only possible if your athletes have personalized times. The NFC chips are compatible with all Lympik modules, so it is recommended to leave the chip with the athlete for all future runs, competitions, etc. Also, a personalized chip works across all Lympik systems - this means the athlete can use their own chip with any coach or club with Lympik system. Detailed instructions on how to set up the chip and create the profile can be found by your athletes here. It is best to provide them with this link together with the chip.

Note: Labeled results are not equivalent to personalized times (= use of NFC chips). Many functions are omitted if your athletes race without identification