Guest Chips

It is possible to provide an athlete with a guest chip. This option is used to display the name of the guest athlete in the evaluation. All the advantages of the personalized chip do not apply here, as this chip does not require an athlete profile, but is created via the coach profile.

To add a guest chip, navigate to the menu item "Identifications" in the left-hand column of the app. To open the menu on your cell phone, please press on the 3 dashes in the top right corner. Click on "Add identification" and add a chip by scanning a QR code or enter the code manually:

To turn this chip into a guest chip, click on the three dots (under Action) and activate the guest mode - don't forget to enter the name of your guest so that it is displayed in the evaluation. This way, the correct name will always be shown in the results and not your profile. When your guest returns their chip, you can deactivate guest mode again or change the name to a new guest. Whether guest mode is activated is displayed to the right of the name:

Note: Labeled results are not equivalent to personalized times (= use of NFC chips). Many functions are omitted if your athletes ride without identification. In the evaluation, your profile is used for the grouping for every anonymous result that was only labeled, so it is always advisable to use personalized chips or guest chips.