Create profile and add chip

In order for your workouts and all your times to be documented for you, you need a free profile in our web app and an NFC chip identification. The identification serves to immediately assign your measured times to you. The NFC chips are compatible with all Lympik modules and work across all Lympik systems - this means you can use your already identified chip at any trainer or club with Lympik system.

Scan the QR code on the back of your Lympik NFC chip with your phone camera - you will be automatically connected to our web app where you can complete the registration process as well as personalize your chip:

After registration, the chip is assigned to your profile and you are ready to go.


If the scan with your phone camera was not successful, navigate to and log in there with email, Facebook or Google. Then click on the three dashes in the upper right corner to get to the menu. Click on "Identifications" and then on "Add Chip".

You can now add the chip with your camera or enter the chip code manually by clicking on the respective field. Your chip is now personalized. It is possible to use different chips as identification with our Lympik products (wristbands, stickers, lift tickets, etc.).

Important: When your smartphone asks you for camera permissions, you must click "allow".  

After you have successfully added the chip to your profile, you are now ready to go. The chip is uniquely linked to you. When you identify yourself with your chip at the CHRONOS device at the start, the Timing knows that the following measurement belongs to your profile.

It is also possible to add multiple chips to your profile.